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  wchen342 75052a2802
Update to 84.0.4147.105-1 8 months ago
  wchen342 180d58ee58
Update README 8 months ago
  wchen342 31edd3fb11
Add import/export bookmarks from Bromite 8 months ago
  wchen342 b7c7d0f370
Update CHANGELOG 8 months ago
  wchen342 ad4494e350
Add keystore 8 months ago
  wchen342 d3adb1b363
Update CHANGELOG 9 months ago
  wchen342 4ffd03b2a7
Fix package name 9 months ago
  wchen342 2a911fcb83
Clean and remove unused patches 9 months ago
  wchen342 4769e664d2
Update to 84.0.4147.89-1; bug fixes 9 months ago
  wchen342 04a7347d08
Update README 9 months ago
  wchen342 762068712d
Sync files 9 months ago
  wchen342 28fbfe5dd0
Fix bug with update notification keeps sending pings 9 months ago
  wchen342 192a462d63
Update Changelog 9 months ago
  wchen342 446f13299c
Recitify build script for extension version 9 months ago
  wchen342 ee7fbff507
Update to 83.0.4103.116-1 9 months ago
  wchen342 ef99b79984
Update to 83.0.4103.106-1 10 months ago
  wchen342 656c5e7442
Update md files 10 months ago
  wchen342 a5fc7dfddb
Update README 10 months ago
  wchen342 9e8de4cdb3
Remove supervised user patch 10 months ago
  wchen342 cb23e4ef6e
Pre-split master and extensions branches. Update to 83.0.4103.97-1. 10 months ago
  wchen342 a9968c693e
Update README 10 months ago
  wchen342 f5bbea8690
Add f-droid fingerprint 10 months ago
  wchen342 ff3bc4ac93
Change package name for extension version 10 months ago
  wchen342 fdc1088d9d
Update to 83.0.4103.61; add extension option page 10 months ago
  wchen342 d4ebb6614b Update issue templates 10 months ago
  wchen342 e8dcec26e1 Update issue templates 10 months ago
  wchen342 372bdfdedf
Include extension UI. Add loading unpacked extension. 10 months ago
  wchen342 81301a6af4
Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/wchen342/ungoogled-chromium-android 11 months ago
  wchen342 d03b833674
Update to 81.0.4044.138 11 months ago
  wchen342 2345455ce9
Update README.md 11 months ago
  wchen342 b828ac5a19
Split extension patches on 81.0.4044.129 11 months ago
  wchen342 0216d109d1
Update to 81.0.4044.129-1 11 months ago
  wchen342 7070830e58
Update CHANGELOG.md 11 months ago
  wchen342 c0b185845b
Update to 81.0.4044.113-1 11 months ago
  wchen342 c170aefeec
Update to 80.0.3987.122-1 1 year ago
  wchen342 9694300f4a
Fix preferences mismatch 1 year ago
  wchen342 76d59b18b6
Update to 80.0.3987.106-1 1 year ago
  wchen342 90a48e8ca5
Update to 79.0.3945.130-2 1 year ago
  wchen342 47b100ead7
Add debug build 1 year ago
  wchen342 02b0ebd941
Change condition; Change artifact name; Add retry for downloading SDK 1 year ago
  wchen342 57cac8650e
Add matrix; Add retry for docker-machine failure 1 year ago
  wchen342 6d01292481
Add artifact upload; Add command line options to build script; Add jumbo_file_merge_limit=50 1 year ago
  wchen342 6d03615629
Remove MergerFS; Remove extra commands 1 year ago
  wchen342 fdc6584050
Update build script to use macOS and Docker, with MergerFS workaround for limited space 1 year ago
  wchen342 041a28e9bb
Update pacman and python command 1 year ago
  wchen342 f58b21fb22
Initial commit for workflows 1 year ago
  wchen342 02d3ea8a11
Add .gitignore 1 year ago
  wchen342 68ed09a837
Add ChromePublic target 1 year ago
  wchen342 0c450d9747
Fix blank flags page 1 year ago
  wchen342 ef57959a8e
Update to 79.0.3945.117-1 1 year ago