Android build for ungoogled-chromium.
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A lightweight approach to removing Google web service dependency

Note: this is an Android build. It is currently experimental.

ungoogled-chromium is Google Chromium, sans dependency on Google web services. It also features some tweaks to enhance privacy, control, and transparency (almost all of which require manual activation or enabling).

ungoogled-chromium retains the default Chromium experience as closely as possible. Unlike other Chromium forks that have their own visions of a web browser, ungoogled-chromium is essentially a drop-in replacement for Chromium.

For more information on ungoogled-chromium, please visit the original repo: Eloston/ungoogled-chromium.

Content Overview

Differences from ungoogled-chromium

These are the differences between a Linux build of ungoogled-chromium and this Android build.

  • Current build still include proprietary libraries from Google. They are supposed to be removed in the future.
  • Android specific fixes are applied.
  • Default configuration builds for arm64 instead of x64.

Supported Platforms

The current build has been tested on:

  • cpu_arch: x86, arm, arm64
  • OS: API 28 (Android 8.1), API 27 (Android 8.0), LineageOS 16.0

Theoretically it will run on any device with a minimum API of 24 (Nougat).

Building Instructions

This build is built from Sylvain Beucler's libre Android rebuilds instead of SDK/NDK binaries from Google.

  • Clone this repository
  • If you want to enable proprietary codecs (h264, mp3, mp4, etc.), add proprietary_codecs=true to the end of
  • enter repo directory and run ./

Build time dependencies can be roughly referred from AUR.

For a more customized building process, see building instructions from the original repo.

Reporting and Contributing

  • For reporting and contacting, see
  • This project is still in its early stage, so contributions are welcomed. Currently, the major task is to remove proprietary Google dependencies.

F-droid Repository

I have set up an experimental f-droid repository. Because of the limitation of its server tools, only arm64 version is hosted.

You can use f-Droid client and add this repository.


  • Remove dependencies on SDK tools and extras
  • Domain substitution in java files
  • Prune binaries (Note: haven't found a way to build desugar-runtime without bazel. Please let me know if you know how.)
  • Remove Play Services
  • Java patches


  • Bromite (Another build for Android. Has some own features.)