Code for paper "SketchyGAN: Towards Diverse and Realistic Sketch to Image Synthesis"
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import os
import sys
import pycocotools.coco as coco
pascal_classes = ['person', 'bird', 'cat', 'cow', 'dog', 'horse', 'sheep', 'aeroplane',
'bicycle', 'boat', 'bus', 'car', 'motorbike', 'train', 'bottle', 'chair',
'dining table', 'potted plant', 'sofa', 'tv/monitor']
pascal_classes_mapped = ['person', 'bird', 'cat', 'cow', 'dog', 'horse', 'sheep', 'airplane',
'bicycle', 'boat', 'bus', 'car (sedan)', 'motorcycle', 'train', 'bottle', 'chair',
'dining table', 'potted plant', 'sofa', 'tv']
images_dir = '../Datasets/COCO/coco-master/images'
anno_dir = '../Datasets/COCO/coco-master/annotations'
itrain_2014 = 'instances_train2014.json'
ival_2014 = 'instances_val2014.json'
def img_info_list_to_dict(input_list):
dic = {}
for i in input_list:
image_id = i['id']
assert image_id not in dic.keys()
dic[image_id] = i
return dic
def get_all_images_data_categories(split, catIds=[]):
if split == 'train':
COCO = coco.COCO(annotation_file=os.path.join(anno_dir, itrain_2014))
elif split == 'test':
COCO = coco.COCO(annotation_file=os.path.join(anno_dir, ival_2014))
if len(catIds) == 0:
return COCO.loadImgs(COCO.getImgIds()), COCO.loadAnns(COCO.getAnnIds()), COCO.loadCats(COCO.getCatIds())
return COCO.loadImgs(ids=COCO.getImgIds(catIds=catIds)), COCO.loadAnns(
ids=COCO.getAnnIds(catIds=catIds)), COCO.loadCats(COCO.getCatIds(catIds=catIds))
def expand_bbox(bbox, max_height, max_width, frac):
assert len(bbox) == 4
half_width = round(bbox[2] / 2)
half_height = round(bbox[3] / 2)
mid_x = bbox[0] + half_width
mid_y = bbox[1] + half_height
x_min = max(0, mid_x - half_width * frac)
y_min = max(0, mid_y - half_height * frac)
x_max = min(max_width, mid_x + half_width * frac)
y_max = min(max_height, mid_y + half_height * frac)
return [round(x_min), round(y_min), round(x_max), round(y_max)]
def get_shared_classes(input=None, print_out=False, output_file=True):
if input is None:
ret = get_all_images_data_categories('train')[2]
ret = input
coco_classes = [cls['name'] for cls in ret]
class_dict = {item['name']: item for item in ret}
# Convert 'car' to 'car (sedan)' for comparison with Sketchy
coco_classes[coco_classes.index('car')] = 'car (sedan)'
with open('../../shared_classes', 'r') as f:
shared_classes = [cls[:-1].replace('_', ' ') for cls in f.readlines()]
if print_out:
if output_file:
shared_classes2 = [(cls + '\n') for cls in shared_classes if cls in coco_classes]
with open('../../shared_classes2', 'w') as f:
shared_classes = [cls for cls in shared_classes if cls in coco_classes]
print([cls for cls in shared_classes if cls in coco_classes and cls in pascal_classes_mapped])
shared_classes[shared_classes.index('car (sedan)')] = 'car' # Convert 'car' back
output_dict = {class_dict[cls]['id']: class_dict[cls] for cls in shared_classes}
return shared_classes, output_dict
def get_bbox():
img_info, seg_info, cat_info = get_all_images_data_categories('train')
img_info = img_info_list_to_dict(img_info)
shared_classes, cls_info = get_shared_classes(input=cat_info, print_out=False, output_file=False)
bbox_list = {cls: [] for cls in shared_classes}
for object in seg_info:
category_id = object['category_id']
if category_id not in cls_info:
category_name = cls_info[category_id]['name']
bbox = object['bbox']
image_id = object['image_id']
iscrowd = object['iscrowd']
this_img_info = img_info[image_id]
file_name = this_img_info['file_name']
height = this_img_info['height']
width = this_img_info['width']
bbox = expand_bbox(bbox, height, width, 1.5)
'image_id': image_id,
'category_name': category_name,
'category_id': category_id,
'iscrowd': iscrowd,
'file_name': file_name,
'height': height,
'width': width,
'bbox': bbox,
return bbox_list
if __name__ == '__main__':