Ungoogled-chromium-android website, forked from Bromite
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Ungoogled-Chromium-Android F-Droid repository Official Ungoogled-Chromium-Android F-Droid repository default US/New York /uc.png /uc.png

F-Droid repository

You can download Ungoogled-Chromium-Android through F-Droid client and receive updates through it.

You need to add the official Ungoogled-Chromium-Android F-Droid repository as a third-party repository either by scanning the QR code or adding the URL manually (copy the link from below image):

Ungoogled-Chromium-Android F-Droid Repository QR code

Always verify that the repository details are exactly:

Address: https://www.droidware.info/fdroid/repo
Fingerprint of the signing key: 2144449AB1DD270EC31B6087409B5D0EA39A75A9F290DA62AC1B238A0EAAF851


F-Droid client repository example