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For more information on `ungoogled-chromium`, please visit the original repo: [Eloston/ungoogled-chromium](
## Content Overview
* [Differences from ungoogled-chromium](#differences-from-ungoogled-chromium)
* [Supported Platforms](#supported-platforms)
* [Building Instructions](#building-instructions)
* [Reporting and Contributing](#reporting-and-contributing)
* [F-droid Repository](#f-droid-repository)
* [TODO List](#todo-list)
* [Credits](#credits)
* [Related Projects](#related-projects)
* [License](#license)
## Differences from ungoogled-chromium
*These are the differences between a Linux build of ungoogled-chromium and this Android build.*
* Several binaries are not pruned due to build time error.
* Current build still include proprietary libraries from Google. They are supposed to be removed in the future.
* Android specific fixes are applied.
* Default configuration builds for `arm64` instead of `x64`.
## Supported Platforms and Distributions
## Supported Platforms
The current build has been tested on:
* cpu_arch: `x86`, `arm64`
* OS: API 28 (Android 8.1), API 27 (Android 8.0), LineageOS 15.1
*This build requires a minimum API 24 (Nougat).*
Theoretically it will run on any device with a minimum API of 24 (Nougat).
* Note: because from `MonoChrome` upward Chromium is built bundled with WebView, it will be installed together with Chromium. However, it will be installed as an user app not system app.*
## Building Instructions
*This build is built from Sylvain Beucler's [libre Android rebuilds]( instead of SDK/NDK binaries from Google.*
Clone this repository and run ``. Build time dependencies can be roughly referred from [AUR](
* Clone this repository
* If you want to enable proprietary codecs (h264, mp3, mp4, etc.), add `proprietary_codecs=true` to the end of ``
* enter repo directory and run `./`.
Build time dependencies can be roughly referred from [AUR](
For a more customized building process, see building instructions from [the original repo](
## Reporting and Contributing
* For reporting and contacting, see [](
* This project is still in its early stage, so contributions are welcomed. Currently, the major task is to remove proprietary Google dependencies.
## F-droid Repository
I have set up an experimental f-droid repository. Because of the limitation of its server tools, only arm64 version is hosted.
You can use f-Droid client and add [this repository](
## TODO List
- [x] Remove dependencies on SDK tools and extras
- [x] Domain substitution in java files

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# Support
**Before you open a new issue, please ensure you have tried the following**:
* Check the [ungoogled-chromium wiki](//
* Check the [Issue Tracker](// (make sure to search closed issues and use search filters, as applicable)
* It will probably also be helpful to check [Issue Tracker of Bromite](//, which is another customized Android build
* If this is a problem, ensure it does *not* occur with regular Chromium or Google Chrome. If it does, then this is *not* a problem with ungoogled-chromium. Instead, please submit your feedback to the [Chromium bug tracker](// or Google.
When opening a new issue, please make sure:
* The issue is not covered in a previous one
* One problem per issue, do not mix multiple topics in one issue
* If possible, report your system and Chromium version. Screenshots and logs are also helpful.