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  wchen342 6cb88443f5
Update to 90.0.4430.212 3 days ago
  wchen342 4210a3b746
Remove link for chromium-89-EnumTable-crash.patch 1 week ago
  wchen342 defb009464
Fix vaapi on EPEL 1 week ago
  braewoods 7f879a881e
Add missing SHA256 checksum 1 week ago
  wchen342 eb6e1c3ac1
Update to 90.0.4430.93 2 weeks ago
  braewoods 47cd4f83c2
Update OBS Upload to only trigger on pushes with tags 2 weeks ago
  braewoods 87dc4b7b7f
Remove the other trigger for OBS Upload 2 weeks ago
  braewoods b26fd60907
Switch OBS Upload trigger on push to workflow_dispatch 3 weeks ago
  James Buren b775bc193e Add code to limit the number of jobs on OBS 3 weeks ago
  wchen342 2dd1bb0dae
Merge pull request #4 from braewoods/master 4 weeks ago
  James Buren e75e62a556 Implement OBS Upload workflow 1 month ago
  wchen342 57002b9d27
Merge pull request #6 from braewoods/fix_sources 1 month ago
  James Buren 0b77e266da Convert sources to SHA256 checksums 1 month ago
  wchen342 2fa08562da
Update depot tools link 1 month ago
  wchen342 782d22517b
Merge pull request #5 from braewoods/fix_urls 1 month ago
  James Buren 02ec5e8bec Fix CentOS 7 font source URLs 1 month ago
  wchen342 ea0226aff0
Merge pull request #3 from braewoods/master 1 month ago
  braewoods bc0ab149d7
Fix syntax error in spec file 1 month ago
  wchen342 b58714fd65
Update to 89.0.4389.114 1 month ago
  wchen342 0c5c6122aa
Update to 89.0.4389.90 2 months ago
  wchen342 4684f21335
Update to 89.0.4389.82 2 months ago
  wchen342 b89267b508
Update to 89.0.4389.72 2 months ago
  wchen342 35042dc6db
Update to 88.0.4324.182-1 2 months ago
  wchen342 eac161b413
Update to 88.0.4324.150-1 3 months ago
  wchen342 b7a99b8190
Update to 88.0.4324.146-1; remove aarch64 patch 3 months ago
  wchen342 954a888371
Update to 88.0.4324.104-1 3 months ago
  wchen342 1f93fdba1d
Update README 4 months ago
  wchen342 83efcdd973
Update to 87.0.4280.141-1 4 months ago
  wchen342 6c1f655e22
Fix file permission 4 months ago
  wchen342 b7bf43ba63
Update README 4 months ago
  wchen342 5c71d89f6c
Add revision 4 months ago
  wchen342 2086984a09
Create README.md 4 months ago
  wchen342 3bec5716bf
Fix python2 package name 4 months ago
  wchen342 460672df8a
Make .sh executable 5 months ago
  wchen342 bba2a6f364
minor fix 5 months ago
  wchen342 0bb3098ce1
Remove duplicate patches 5 months ago
  wchen342 786eaecfff
Rewrite with Fedora spec 5 months ago
  wchen342 2a666232d1
Init commit coped from chromium-browser-privacy 5 months ago