Android build for ungoogled-chromium.
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  • Fix bug with update notification keeps sending pings


  • Add update notification (resolve #22). Note: this is disabled by default since it will ping my server at To enable, change #enable-inline-update-flow to Enabled.
    • Update: the functionality currently has a bug that will make it send continuous bursts of requests to my server. Please DO NOT enable it for now. This will be fixed in the next version.
  • Reverse the removal of flags #enable-process-sharing-with-default-site-instances and #enable-process-sharing-with-strict-site-instances.
  • Extension version:


  • Extension version:
    • Fix a bug preventing non Android 10 phones from installing extensions from url
  • Website for ungoogled-chromium-android is now online at



  • Add extension-support version
    • This version is highly experimental and is not intended for daily usage yet! See README#Extensions
    • Extension removal is not implemented yet
    • The package will have a name org.ungoogled.chromium.extensions
  • Resolve #20, #23
  • Partially resolve #19, #21
  • Add migration for WebRTC


  • Fix a crash with incognito tab
  • Minor fix for extension patches. From next release, chrome/arm target will include a beta version with extension support.


  • Fix a bug with bookmark add new folder activity.
  • Add new fix of #9.


  • Resolve #9, #16.
  • Initial attempt to add extensions (not working yet)


  • This is an important security release that fix three vulnerabilities. All previous versions should update as soon as possible.
    • [1044570] High: Integer overflow in ICU. Reported by André Bargull (with thanks to Jeff Walden from Mozilla) on 2020-01-22
    • [1045931] High CVE-2020-6407: Out of bounds memory access in streams. Reported by Sergei Glazunov of Google Project Zero on 2020-01-27
    • [1053604] High CVE-2020-6418: Type confusion in V8. Reported by Clement Lecigne of Google's Threat Analysis Group on 2020-02-18 (actively exploited in the wild)
  • Fix video crash on Android P on certain machines


  • Port some privacy related functionality from Bromite, including:
    • flag to disable WebGL
    • flag to disable motion sensors
    • exit button and do not persist option
    • use blank page as homepage
    • setting for DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH)
    • flag to disable pull-to-refresh
  • Disable contextual search in native code instead of Java
  • Disable lite mode prompt
  • Disable download articles over Wi-fi
  • Build time change (not affecting users):
    • Exclude unit tests from domain substitution
    • Using system JDK instead of bundled one. Requires both Java-8 and Java-10 on Arch Linux.
    • Now build with SDK 29


  • Add ChromePublic target (API 19)
  • Fix build failure for safe browsing
  • Update README


  • Update NDK to r20b
  • Remove split installer dependencies (Google Play), disable DFM
  • Other source fixes
  • Known issue: some pages, including chrome://flags, chrome://gpu are not working (Fixed)


  • Update scripts and patches to new version
  • Merge patches from Bromite and Unobtainium
  • New dependencies: nodejs binaries, lib files from ndk


  • Update patches to new version
  • Update GN to latest commit
  • Minor fixes


  • No change


  • Change default setting of contextual search to false


  • Add WebView builds
  • Since aapt no longer works, bundled aapt2 will be used until a rebuild of SDK 29 exists
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Remove all Google Play related libraries
  • Uncheck "Send statistics" on first run


  • Fix #3
  • Disable resource obfuscation
  • Add arm build


  • Change package name to avoid conflict with chromium


  • Reduce downloaded dependencies on gclient sync
  • Prune more binaries
  • Build gcm-client, eu-strip, closure-compiler from source; change error-prone to Maven version
  • Domain substitution on all non-binary files


  • First release